Hi there! I’m Raghuveer Dendukuri, a tech entrepreneur & a solution architect with 19+ years of Product Development & Management experience in IT, Fintech, Martech & Digital transformation projects, who prioritizes a Security by Default & Privacy First approach.

Received FIAKS Maven 2019, FIAKS Path Finder 2020, FIAKS Maven 2020, FIAKS Maven 2021 awards for knowledge contributions w.r.t. BFSI domain in FIAKS Community

  • Architected 15+ products & managed 30+ products/solutions, that covers a Single Sign On Social Network, Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPI – Wallets), UPI Payment Aggregator System, Electronic Medical Record, MVC based PHP Framework etc…
  • Specialized in handling product development from POC to Production in Enterprise/multi-tenant SAAS deployment models
  • Architecting solutions using Domain Driven Design, Event Driven Architecture, Microservices architecture in recent times evaluating best practices in the context of event sourcing, CQRS, Database per service design patterns at the core
  • Experienced in securing User Sensitive Data in PCI-DSS/HIPAA scope & User’s Critical Personal Data (i.e. PII) in GDPR scope, when Data at Rest/Data in Transit, through Cryptographically Secure Solutions
  • Understands Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology limitations in GDPR scope
  • Adept in writing Product Documentation & Compliance documents

Technical Skills include PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, EaseApp PHP Framework, knowledge of Yii & Laravel Frameworks, PSR Standards, Database Architecture, Solution Architecture, Application Security, Application Scalability, DNS, Web Server Cluster, NoSQL, Redis cache/Pubsub, Memcache, Message Queue, RabbitMQ, Websockets, Git, Github, Digitalocean, Secure Code Audits, HTML, jQuery, Elasticsearch, CSS, Docker, Dockerhub, basics of Kubernetes, AWS, Azure Cloud, Docker Container Registry, Azure Container Registry, Microservices, event sourced systems, CQRS pattern, AWS S3, AWS SQS, Restful API, SOA, 12factor app, JWT Token, OAuth, multi-factor authentication, OWASP

When not doing IT work, I will be working either on policy reform proposals or on science projects with kids, while spending time with family.